Weather Jokes

Funny Weather Jokes:

Q: What did the hurricane say to the coconut palm tree?
A: Hold on to your nuts, this is no ordinary blow job!

Q: What do you call a sheep with no head and no legs?
A: A cloud!

Q: If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?
A: Pilgrims!

Q: Why is sex like a thunderstorm?
A: "You never know how many inches you'll get and how long it'll last."

Q: How is a man like the weather?
A: Nothing can be done to change either one of them.

Q: Why is there no gold at the end of the rainbow?
A: The Leprachan took it and sold it to Cash4Gold!

Q: Did you hear the joke about an Earthquake and Japanese nuclear reactor?
A: Not cool.

Q: What's worse than an earthquake ravaging a city?
A: The ensuing Tsunami washing everything away!

What did the ocean say to the other ocean?... Nothing they just waved... Did you Sea what I did there?...I'm shore you did, beach.

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